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Breathe easier knowing that your belongings are being moved by the professionals at Honest & Fast Movers. Our crew has the experience and knowledge necessary to safely move your home, office or commercial business.

Moving Boxes

Full-Service Moving

If you’re planning a move or relocation, full-service packers and movers are an ideal option to avoid stress and worry and to ensure the timely and safe arrival of your shipments. With our full-service options, our experienced and highly trained packers and movers will manage your move seamlessly and professionally, so you can spend less time worrying and focus on preparing to enjoy your new destination.

From your first contact with us to the safe and successful completion of your move, we’ll handle all the work so you don’t have to!

Our crew handles everything, from disassembling, shrink wrap, and blanket wrap your furniture to loading your household goods onto our trucks and reassemble at your new home. We provide the use of the free wardrobe boxes for your hanging garments. Whether your new home is just around the corner or over the far distant horizon, we'll get your belongings their quickly and in 1 piece. Call our moving company today for your personalized moving experience.

Person Taping Box at Warehouse

Professional Packing Services

We handle it all. We provide packing as well as unpacking services. Having our experts pack your property saves both time and stress, making your move even easier.

Full-service Packing

Enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of full-service packing with expert handling of your items. Your furniture, equipment, fixtures, and personal belongings are packed by our expert residential movers using the safest and most current packing techniques.

Fragile Item Packing 

When you need specialized packing services for fragile, sensitive, and high-value items such as glassware, dishes, mirrors, sculptures, artwork, designer furniture, and potted plants, we handle and pack your important items with specially designed materials and expert care.


If you prefer to pack any or all of your items for moving and relocation, our experts can provide you with a complete packing guide and all the materials you need to ensure the safe and proper transfer of your items. Our self-packing materials include standard moving boxes, specialized boxes for dishes, lamps, and wardrobes, and moving blankets, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and more.

Flexible Packing Services

Our agents and craftsmen are equipped to offer you any and all packing, crating, and shipping solutions, from standard moving boxes, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap to custom-built and solid, wooden crates.

Contact one of our experts today to learn more about our packing services and to request a personalized plan and estimate for your move.

Custom Crating Services
Custom Crating Services

Shipping & Custom Crating

Honest and Fast Movers, also ships household goods for your convenience. We'll even build a custom crate to protect your most valuable possessions. Items we ship include:

  • Larger Appliances

  • Dishes

  • Personal Items

  • Furniture

  • Chandeliers

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